Hello welcome to my Efolio My name is Justin Breveard I am a senior at Holy Cross College and I will be graduating in May 2013. I am majoring in Liberal Studies. By looking at my Efolio you will come see that I have been able to learn a lot from the opportunities that Holy Cross has given me to be apart of and helping me expand as a person.  

Since my first year at Holy Cross I have been able to grasp and learn a lot from the people that I go to school with and also the pleasure of having great coaches and teammates. I came to Holy Cross not only for basketball but also to get a great education and to be in a community that treats me like I'm welcomed.

Since day one Holy Cross has been a blessing to me and my family. Holy Cross has definitely been good to me and also has given me the confidence to become a even better leader than I when I first got here. I feel like my coaches and my teachers all had an impact on my experience at Holy Cross because they showed how to be a responsible student not only in the classroom but in general as a person and staying up on yourself. Holy Cross not only taught me to be a good student athlete but also to lead by example and try to make an impact in someone's life.